About Molekūl Ceramics

molekūl is a small ceramic design studio and experimental art lab in the heart of Berlin, making bold and contemporary interior pieces. It was founded in 2022 when we first started developing glazes, testing different clay bodies and establishing methods to create our first core pieces for the J-Series.

We design and produce all our porcelain and stoneware here in our workshop that we share with our two pottery whippets Fitzy and Pippa.

Every single piece that leaves our workshop has been carefully hand crafted, using a mix of traditional ceramics methods, free style artistry as well as high tech digital processes.

All of our work processes are developed to be environmentally responsible including the recycling of clay, reducing water usage wherever possible and using recycled materials for packaging. We fire with 100% green renewable electricity.

We embrace and love the small differences between every piece, as they reflect the complexity of the individual work steps and appreciate them as artistic features, giving each piece a unique character.

We believe in making beautiful objects that will last a lifetime whilst working in a sustainable way.