Is there an actual molekūl ceramics shop that I can visit in person?

At the moment we have a studio with a "by appointment only" show room in Berlin Schöneberg, where we produce all our ceramics. We can arrange a time to meet with customers and are always happy to open our doors if someone pops by to check out or purchase our stuff.

However we do not have regular opening hours.

Of course we offer pick up of online purchases from our studio for customers that are living in Berlin. 

Are all your ceramics made in Berlin or are you also importing from Portugal or other countries?

We are making every single item by hand in our studio in Berlin. We buy all our materials from local suppliers - most of them are made in Germany except for our high quality French Limoge Porcelain.

We are trying to avoid unnecessary transportation and shipping to keep the carbon footprint as small as possible.

Are all of your pieces hand made?

Yes! Every single piece that leaves our studio here in Berlin has been handled with love and care at least 10 times, some items require even more work steps to be finished. 

If I purchase another item of the same series, will it be identical to one I bought before?

Since every object is a handmade piece of art, small differences in colour, shape, consistency, texture of the clay body and application, thickness, colour, texture and drip intensity of the glaze etc. can occur. We are aiming to keep things as consistent as possible though.

Do I need to take extra good care of handmade ceramics?

Yes! Our porcelain as well as stoneware pieces are very durable. However they are carefully crafted by hand and should be handled with care. Here are some tips and care instructions to keep your favourite jugs and cups nice and fresh.

Can I return an item when I change my mind?

Yes, you can return the item within 30 days. Of course the item has to be in perfect condition. If you have purchased through an online order you will have to pay for return shipping You have to make sure the item is wrapped properly so that it gets back to our Studio undamaged as we can not refund damaged items.

What happens if the item was damaged when I received it?

Please take photos of the item as well as the box as proof as soon as you receive it and email it to us. We will assess the situation and get back to you asap. Here is our contact info!

Can I get my stuff gift wrapped?

Yes, we love it when you gift our ceramics to someone special! We will wrap the item and can add a hand written card with your personal message if you wish.

Can you make a jug in a different bespoke colour for me?

If you have a special request or would love to work with us on a custom project please contact us to discuss this with us!