How to care for your ceramics

Ceramic pieces, whether they are made from porcelain or stoneware, are very durable and can last for multiple life times when handled with care.

Porcelain vitrifies during the high firing process, which means it turns into an almost glass like, non porous very durable material. When the surface is glazed, it is pretty much stain proof, while unglazed surfaces can stain over time. 

Tannin rich fluids like coffee, tea and red wine can leave marks when they are left in the cups or jugs for an extended period of time, that can usually be removed by soaking the items in warm soapy water and carefully scrubbing them with a sponge.

For stubborn marks you can try to use natural kitchen cleaning product. 

While we recommend handwashing your porcelain ware, it is possible to run them through the dish washer on a gentle cycle. 

Avoid pouring boiling hot water into the cups and jugs. The sudden thermal expansion may cause the item to crack or craze.