Flow - Limited

Our Original Flow Cup! Oh how we love this cup! Each one is a unique piece of art. We select the colours and then we lose control over the flow of the pigmented porcelain. The mess we create while making these cups and the ooohhs and aaahhhs we make when we pull them out of the kiln....these are truly the highlights of our week!
The outside has a natural matte porcelain texture and the inside is glazed with a high gloss food safe glaze. 

The cup has a volume of approximately 250ml and is around 8cm high. Porcelain provides a low thermal capacity, helping to maintain the temperature of your favourite drink. 

All our porcelain products are fired at 1250C in our workshop in Berlin. The intense heat of the firing process creates a strong, durable and non-porous material, making the cup water tight, heat and stain resistant.
We use locally sourced pigments to stain the porcelain to give our pieces bold and vibrant colors and hues. 
Each of our products are handmade and unique - especially this one. We embrace the subtle differences and variations of each item as a special characteristic and uniqueness!

- Dishwasher-safe on gentle cycle
- Ultra thin walls for elegant lightness
- Unique one-of-a-kind design, unique gift
- Vitrified porcelain ensures long-lasting durability
- Versatile for everyday use or special occasions

The Flow Cup is the secret favourite of the molekūl team.