Our Studio in Berlin

We love our work and we love our studio. This is where the magic happens!

We often call our studio the lab, because that is ultimately what it is. 

From ceramic glaze tests to 3D modeling and resin printing - we are doing it all. We are building plaster molds, use jigger arms, spray, dip, paint and splash pigments and glazes. We extrude tiles, roll out slabs, pour slip and make silicone master molds.

All of that is happening at our beautiful creativity hub  - some areas look like an artist's space, some more like a multi tasking workshop, some like a pottery studio and others like a chemistry lab. 

We love to experiment. We love to see what happens when we combine, take apart, mix and drop things. We are not afraid of mistakes and are having fun making them, because they are part of the development process that we love so much.

We are planning to open a showroom and shop area at the front of the studio in 2024. At the moment we use this big lightfilled room with our big shopfront window for displaying and photographing our collection. Also our wrapping station for online shipments is located here.

The heart of our studio is the porcelain work space, where we prepare and pour the liquid porcelain into our plaster molds. We have several pouring stations for different porcelain colours and our stoneware clay, drying shelves and work stations to sponge and fettle the pieces into perfection.

At the back of the studio we have a plaster workshop, a silicon mould making station as well as a glaze lab with a glaze spray booth. For extra cosiness our kilns are also here. 

In our print lab we have 3D filament printers and a resin printer as well as our screen printing station. 

Fitzy and Pippa are our extremely cute Studio Whippets that make sure we regularly get some fresh air while going for walks and buy new sponges because they are great to destroy!