Barista Series

We have 3 different sizes of cups in our Barista series in 2 different textures, Grid and Lines.

We make them by pouring  pigmented French Limoges porcelain into a custom plaster mold. The outside has a natural matte porcelain texture and the inside is glazed with a high gloss food safe glaze. The riffle-texture of each cup feels super grippy and almost resembles the haptic feel of a paper cup.

Large Latte - Approximately 9cm high and holding 250ml. 
Medium Cappuccino - Approximately 8cm high and holding 200ml.
Small Espresso - Approximately 5cm high and holding 50ml.

The Barista Series is an absolute allrounder - the molekūl team takes these grippy cups for a walk with the dogs, filled with a shot of espresso and a dash of milk.